July 13


Safer Muscle Recovery with Taurine

By Craige Williams

July 13, 2020

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Safer muscle recovery with Taurine is slowly been recognised  as the go to essential amino acid to achieve this. Helping your muscles work harder, longer, and safer. These are good reasons to try taking Taurine supplements, to achieve these positive results. Athletes who supplement with taurine experience better exercise performance, and cyclists ride longer distances with less fatigue. Having a supplement regime that helps athletes recover quickly and safely is crucial there is nothing worse than a frustrating recovery process ,which takes longer than normal.

Taurine makes muscles work harder. 

Increasing muscle contractility (the force with which muscle cells pull together) in both skeletal and cardiac muscle. That means more powerful workouts as muscle works harder.

Taurine makes muscles work longer.

Helping exercising muscle get rid of lactic acid. Lactic acid is what causes the feelings of pain and soreness and is what limits how much a muscle can continue to work. By cleaning up lactic acid, taurine helps muscles work longer.

Safer muscle recovery with Taurine

Working muscles generate oxidant stress and damage DNA, leading to the potential for muscle damage and poorer performance. Taurine protects muscles from such damage, so muscle works more safely.


Mechanistic studies have shown that, when a muscle is stimulated, taurine enables more calcium to be released (inside muscle cells) leading to more forceful contractions 


Taurine is a well-researched regulator of cell volume, as it acts as an osmolyte (i.e., it regulates fluid balance)  As such, taurine works to optimize cellular hydration and maximize muscle function, making taurine a  potent cell volumizer.


In a recent study, taurine was shown to exhibit significant reductions in muscle breakdown up to 20%, after intense treadmill running. 


There are several studies that show taurine supplementation can regulate blood sugar levels in the body. In a recent medical review , it was concluded that taurine supplements may help increase insulin sensitivity and help regulate blood sugar levels.

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Exercise stress destabilizes and damages muscle cells by a number of different mechanisms, including oxidative stress. Science has proven that taurines antioxidant properties can defend against  these adverse effects and speed up recovery.

Since it is proven that exercise depletes skeletal muscles taurine stores, it makes sense to add this to your daily health regime.

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