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About Viridi-Health plant based supplements

We are passionate about sharing our deep-rooted nutraceutical knowledge, by promoting wellness through our range of high-quality products for health, happiness and overall well-being.

Viridi is devoted to bringing you premium products from our certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facility. All our product ingredients are single sourced with meticulous care and we ensure that selected plant growers produce sustainably.Our signature Viridi range contains proven formulations that are safe and offer no side effects. These are derived from specific plant extracts and tinctures ensuring that every batch offers the same result and offers high efficacy. All our products are tested internally and via 3rd party to ensure that our products are effective and safe for use.

Our supplement range is exclusively formulated to assist with calming the mind, reducing inflammation and optimising your health.

 Nutraceuticals have fast become an appreciated gift of nature, derived from plant-based formulations used throughout the ages and are further enhanced with the advent of science. All our plant derived formulations help to provide a better quality of life. Studies prove daily the benefits of plant derived formulations and the benefits, for pain relief to sleep management, skincare, and many more.

A trusted source for premium luxury nutraceuticals, South Africa’s leading source for safe, tested products. All our products can be safely used on a daily basis, with dosage clearly marked and backed by science review.

We will continue our mission to revolutionise the rise of Nutraceutical products, looking for alternatives that offer a holistic natural approach with no side effects.

With new products added on a regular basis and many exciting products to be launched, Viridi is committed to providing our customers with a safe, nurturing space to purchase Nutraceuticals online.

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